360 panorama video is an immersive video - a recording of a real world scene, where the view in every direction is recorded simultaneously. During playback, the viewer has control of the viewing and can look at any direction. Equipped with proper software, mobile handsets can be applied to play panorama videos in such a way, that simply by moving the device, the user controls the viewing direction in the immersive video space.

Recent development in mobile devices also enables truly immersive experiences to smartphone users via affordable VR goggles. High resolution displays, fast processors, built in sensors, high speed wireless communications and built in storage make all the required elements built in a compact form that can be easily coupled with a HMD frame. Conceptually this is similar to Oculus Rift, but more affordable and available immediately as a wireless solution.

Finwe offers software products and services for a superior mobile panorama video viewing experience: Interactive panorama video player as a standalone mobile application, and a software development kit (SDK). Applications are available for Android and iOS platforms.


  • Selecting and browsing of videos through a modern 3D UI
  • Video streaming from selected URL
  • Multi-sensor fusion (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer) to provide a smooth and rapid response to user movement of viewing direction
  • Support for video resolution 4k and beyond
  • Proven high performance frame rate
  • Touch-enabled standard video playback functions; pinch zoom, carousel selector, etc.

Available at Google Play and App Store.

Panorama video player software development kit packages application programming interface (API) and an engine to enable 3rd parties create top performance custom panorama video viewer embedded in their specific mobile application. On request, Finwe provides R&D services to efficiently tailor 3rd party custom applications and campaigns.

Finwe mobile 360 panorama player software represents leading technology. Rapid response time of interaction and top performance are mandatory elements for the best possible user experience.

Finwe continuously develops new technologies on top of its 360 engine, including playback of ultra high resolution panoramic videos up to 8k, interactive moving hotspots for linking other content to videos, social media sharing from 360 video experiences, etc.

Together with partners ATEME and Kolor, we also offer a turnkey solution for broadcasting 360 live entertainment. More information is available at LiveSphere site.

Please contact us for more information about our products and services.

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